Fire truck South Coast Volunteer Firefighters Association Gualala Firehouse sign

Association Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2004

1). Brent Mason called the meeting of the South Coast Volunteer Firefighters Association to order at 6:15 PM on February 5, 2004. Dinner and meeting held at Mermaid Garden Deli, Gualala

Present: Greg and Trisha Warner, Jason Warner, Brent and Kelly Mason, Marie Thompson, Jim Funderburk, Roger Dingman, Jon Whitney and Jenny Kai.

2). Minutes of September 15, 2003 approved

3). Treasurer’s report: Discussion was held with regards to funds in various CD and general accounts with WestAmerica. A suggestion to combine both CD’s into one new account to maximize interest earned, move general fund to money market account, etc.. A motion was heard to allow Roger Dingman to look into rates @ Banks and Credit Union. Motion carried.....
At present South Coast has $15,056 in General account, approx. $30,000.00 in one CD and $5,100.00 in another CD.

4). Association/Non-Profit status: South Coast Volunteer Firefighters Association is now in compliance with nonprofit status. By-laws to be adopted, signed and given to attorney for filing. Motion to adopt by-laws at present carried. By-laws will be amended at a later date. Roger Dingman to review by-laws and recommend any changes to same.

5). Station wear (Tee shirts, etc.): Discussion was held with regards to style, lettering, types of wear, etc. A logo design was approved along with each member of the department to receive 1- Jacket, 2- pullovers, 3- Tee Shirts and one baseball style cap. Kelly Mason to research and proceed with ordering of apparel.

6). Equipment Evaluation: An equipment evaluation form was handed out to all members present to personally evaluate the existing equipment/apparatus. Forms to be returned at next meeting (Thursday February 12, 2004). Discussion about safety and condition of apparatus was included.

7). Radio Tower Light: A concern by a local citizen was made to a member of the Association with regards to adding a light to the existing radio tower at the downtown Fire Station. Discussion why the light was needed. Motion to have a safety light installed was made and carried by a unanimous vote.

8). Unit 7500, Chief’s Vehicle: Discussion was held to store the Chief’s Command Vehicle at the downtown firehouse when Chief 7500 is out of town allowing officers to respond to calls when needed. A unanimous vote in favor of allowing officer access to vehicle was obtained.

9). Administrator’s Office Access: Discussion was held with regards to access to the Administrators office; This will be discussed at the next Officer’s meeting of the South Coast Fire Department.

10). Association Member Input/Suggestions: A suggestion was made by Greg Warner to establish a scholarship fund with proceeds from earned interest. A motion to create a scholarship committee carried. Jason Warner, Jenny Kai and Roger Dingman volunteered to make up the committee personnel. Scholarship guidelines from Sea Ranch Fire will be looked at and possibly adopted in whole or part. Jason Warner to head committee.

A recommendation was made for the Association to buy a personal computer. Discussion was held. Access to this computer will be given to all association members. Firehouse software to be installed along with other office related software. A suggestion was made to purchase a notebook computer along with a projector for training purposes.
Jenny Kai to recommend hardware.

A recommendation was made to update all member identification (i.e. ID tags, wallet cards, etc.)

Greg Warner resigned his secretarial post. Jon Whitney was voted in to replace Greg as Secretary of the South Coast Volunteer Firefighters association.

Next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 12, 2004 at the downtown firehouse.